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Filigree Work: Romantic and Delicated Twisted Wire designs

Indian culture has many types of art which many of us not even aware of. One of them is Filigree work on silver. It is feminine, delicate, and alluring art form of jewellery. Silver Filigree is the most delicate and exquisite rendition of Silver handicraft. Filigree is created through the careful application of intricate detailing, in the form of a thin metal overlay finish, which is swirled across the surface of the silver jewellery to give it a light, woven effect.

In India, filigree work is known by different names, in Odisha it is called ‘Tarkashi’. It is also done in Andhra Pradesh, its 'Karim Nagar' is mainly known for this work. In Odisha, filigree is localized at Cuttack town and a few villages in Cuttack district.

This work involves beating and drawing pure silver metal into fine and thin wires, which are then crafted together to form elegant patterns. This jewelry is often floral in design and made from sterling silver.Filigree work is not only useful in making jewellery, but also to make different kinds show pieces, trays, bowls, spoons, plates, ash-trays, incense containers and many more decorative pieces. The Konark Chakra and Konark sun temple are great favourites as momentos. Various types of filigree jewellery like pendants, earrings, hairpins, brooches, etc. are today available in the market.

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